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Why Use Original Parts?

In order to keep our premier machines running at optimum efficiency they require high performing parts. These parts cost more because they are engineered to keep our machines running longer. "We don’t strive for cheap, we strive for reliability. We take pride in selling CP parts." In the long run if a customer’s machine is down for even one day because of bad parts and they need to stop production that can cost thousands of money.

Benefits of using CP Original Parts

Maintenance: Help maintain compressor in optimum conditions     - Reducing LCC     - Reducing maintenance     - Reducing energy consumption Availability: Always be easy to obtain and will help the customer     - Manage your equipment better     - Guarantee production uptime and performance Specifications: Made according the specifications of the leading compressor manufacturer. Tested: Every part has been fully tested during the toughest running conditions in an endurance test. Protection: They provide excellent protection of your compressor to guarantee a long life time. Resale: Can increase resale value on the second hand market.

Benefits of using Air Filter Original Parts

Risks of using Non-Original Parts

Voids warranty. Reduces efficiency. Increases the risk of wear overtime.

Experts' articles

Why a Chicago Pneumatic VSD Expert Corner

Why Is My Compressor Vibrating?

Regardless of the type of compressor you have, vibration issues can be troubling for any business. The root of the vibration can stem from multiple sources, some internally and others externally. Understanding the cause of the vibration and how to resolve them will be critical in keeping your compressor in proper working order.

Can my compressor be outside

How Do I Winterize My Air Compressor?

Regardless of whether or not it actually freezes where you live, most winterization service recommendations are also basic, solid maintenance procedures that will help extend the life and operational efficiencies of air compressors regardless of whether you live in northern Maine or South Florida.

Expert Corner Dryer

Where Should I Install my Air Dryer?

Your company purchased an air dryer for your compressor. One of the most common things we see in the industry are air dryers being stored on top of the compressors. Seems like a wasted space not being used on top of the compressor, right? Wrong.