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Piston Compressors: Contractor Series

Our reciprocating or piston compressor Contractor Series is ideal for home or office use. We provide high-quality compressors with competitive warranties to keep you up and running. Our air compressors suit various home and commercial applications and are compact enough for easy storage.

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Contractor Series- Piston Compressors

Ideally suited for home use and construction applications, the RCP Contractor series provides affordable compressed air in a portable package. Low profile design, semi-pneumatic wheel, heavy gauge wire belt guard & rugged pump design provide the Contractor series compressors with convenient point-of-use versatility. Models are available with electric or gas drive, delivering up to 25 cfm @ 100 psig. 


These models offer a low profile design for easier transport and storage. Remove the elbow grease from your next product and leave the heavy lifting to the air compressor. Our Contractor Series air compressors are convenient in storage and usage, saving you time and money.

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The Contractor Series is the perfect balance of value and features. Fast recovery time, lower noise and reliability are any contractor's dream.


Our air compressors are quiet, reliable and easy to maintain — and they won't break the bank! These units are perfect for home and the job site. Their consistency and convenience make them ideal to get the job done efficiently.

Learn How to Size Your Piston Compressor

Piston Compressors

The RCP Contractor Series provides affordable compressed air in a portable package. Boasting a low profile, semi-pneumatic wheel, heavy gauge wire belt guard and rugged pump design, Contractor Series compressors provide convenient point-of-use versatility. Models with electric or gas drive are available, delivering up to 25 cfm @ 100 psig. 

Our compressors come in single-stage and two-stage varieties with diverse horsepower ratings. Get a model fitting your job requirements for maximum productivity output.

Gasoline vs. Electric Air Compressor

Gas and electric air compressors have different uses and come with their own pros and cons, summarized below. Learning about these differences can help you determine which may have better performance for your application.

Pros and Cons of Gas Air Compressors

Gas is inherently a cheaper resource, the main benefit being that it saves energy. Additional benefits you'll enjoy with gas air compressors include the following:

  • Gas air compressors are heavy-duty and efficient, especially in industrial applications.
  • You don't have to worry about access to electricity because these models take gas and can be used anywhere. 
  • Waste heat recycling is possible and beneficial with gas air compressors, and it's ideal to use for other resources.

As with any equipment, you might also experience drawbacks:

  • Gas compressors are bigger and heavier because of their gas content.
  • They may contaminate the compressed air because of the gas or oil fuel source. 
  • Noise may be an issue, so they're better suited to outdoor environments or facilities where noise is no hindrance. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Air Compressors

As with gas air compressors, electric air compressors have many benefits and considerations to keep in mind. Whether you need an electric air compressor for service trucks, a quick home project or an on-site job, Chicago Pneumatic has you covered. We'll discover pros and cons to help you decide if this type is a better fit for your requirements. 

A few advantages of electric air compressors include the following:

  • Electric compressors are comparatively lighter and easier to transport and store. They are also less noisy than gas air compressors.
  • Without the risk of contaminating the compressed air due to a lack of fuel sources, the electric compressor offers cleaner, superior compressed air. 
  • Electric models are commonly used in multiple industries and for office and home HVAC systems because they pose a lower contamination risk.

Some shortcomings are evident with these units, but these shouldn't deter you — give careful thought to your application and how an electric air compressor could bolster it. Consider these cons:

  • Electric air compressors are not feasible for outdoor use or areas with no electrical power source, which is necessary for them to operate. 
  • Although suitable for numerous industries, they may perform better at low-load capacities than with high-volume applications. 

View Our Contractor Series Piston Compressors for the Best Gas and Electric Compressors

Whatever your industry application needs, Chicago Pneumatic's Contractor Series piston compressors will do the job. We have an impressive gas and electric compressor selection to choose from. 

View their individual specifications and decide on the best for your requirements.