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CPRA/CPRB series -
Direct-driven piston compressors

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Robust design

Solid frame protects the unit from bumps and falls


Strong rubber feet give you stability during operation

Easy to use

User-friendly control panel with pressure regulator and pressure gauges

CPRA/CPRB series of piston compressors are suitable for all your DIY and small workbench applications. They come in all kinds of compact configurations and vessel sizes, providing top flexibility to match the demand of any customer.

The oilless units are suitable for any smart car and home maintenance tasks. There are no risks of oil spilling, and you do not have to worry about complicated maintenance.

Key benefits of CPRA/CPRB series


CPRA/CPRB piston compressor series is a compact and user-friendly compressor. Its ergonomic handle with rubber grip makes it more comfortable.

The quality design of this series is integrated with large inlet filter to remove small particles from the air and produce cleaner air. Its twin tank with wide footprint and inflatable rubber wheels gives it stability and make it mobile.

Technical Specifications








cfm Hp kW Bar  
CPRB MF15 180 6,4 1,5 1,0 8 Oil free
CPRB MF20 230 8,1 2,0 1,5 8 Oil free
CPRB 6 MZ10 PS 115 4,0 1,0 0,75 10 Oil free
CPRB 6 MZ20 PS 230 8,1 2,0 1,5 10 Oil free
CPRB 24 MZ20 MS 230 8,1 2,0 1,5 10 Oil free
CPRB 50 MZ20 MS 230 8,1 2,0 1,5 10 Oil free
CPRA MS20 220 7,8 2,0 1,5 8 Lubricated
CPRA MS25 270 8,5 3,0 2,2 10 Lubricated
CPRA MS30 310 10,9 3,0 2,2 10 Lubricated
CPRA MV30 330 12,0 3,0 2,2 10 Lubricated

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