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Silent Oil-free piston compressors - 0.6-1.5 kW / 0.75-2 hp

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Low noise

• 4-pole motor with low rotation speed generates lower noise levels and less vibrations. • Fully enclosed pump dampens the sound.

Small footprint

• Integrated motor and 2-cylinder pump give you high performance and a small footprint. • Direct drive, no belts to maintain.

Clean, Oil-free air

• Maintenance-free. • Smaller environmental footprint. • No oil pollution.

The CPRB MX is the ideal workshop compressor

There is always something to build or fix in your workshop. The CPRB MX piston compressor makes quick work of your to do list. Easy to move around and quiet when on, the CPRB MX is always there when you need it with clean, oil-free air. And with dozens of models and configurations to choose from, you can be sure to find a CPRB MX to match your specific needs.

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Tech data

Model HP Max. pressure Displacement, l/min Noise level dB(A) Vessel
CPRB MX7 0.75 9.5 140 62 6l. to 90l.
CPRB MX10 1 9.5 165 62
CPRB MX15 1.5 9.5 195 65
CPRB MX20 2 9.5 230 65
CPRB MX in use

Perfect for:

  • Small professionals
  • DIY
  • OEM (pumps, not full unit)

Suitable for applications such as:

  • Nailing
  • Stapling
  • Inflation and blowing
  • Washing
  • Small painting