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Silent professional piston compressors - 1.5-7.5 kw/2-10 hp

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Extra quiet

Optimized canopy design minimizes sound levels.

Easy to use

Intuitive control panel with pressure gauge and hour counter.


All-in-one design reduces the unit’s footprint.

CPRS: your work floor companion

CPRS combines performance with comfort like no other piston compressor. Ultra-quiet and easy to use, the CPRS gives you reliable and powerful pneumatic support right on your work floor. With a power range from 2 to 10 hp, and flexible options for air storage and treatment, a CPRS model is always available to fit your needs.

Model HP Pressure (bar) Displacement, l/min Noise Lp(4m) Vessel (l.)
CPRS 227-327 2-3 10 255-320 61-62 27
CPRS 3100 / CPRS 5500 3-5 3-5 393-598 65-69 0/100/270/500
CPRS 60 / CPRS 10500 5-10 11 660-1020 65-68 0/270/500