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AirCare – Monitor & control your compressor on your phone

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One-touch performance and efficiency

  • Monitor your compressor performance status and stats
  • Remotely control your compressor
  • Leakage detection
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Your go-to place for support and information

Monitor performance and productivity

Use AirCare to check your compressor’s real-time performance, including pressure, temperature, running hours and operation mode. AirCare also monitors your compressor for you, sending you real-time notifications about performance and potential issues.

Control and optimize your compressor

Connecting via Bluetooth, use the AirCare app to remotely control your compressor and optimize its efficiency:

  • Start and stop your compressor
  • Set unload and load pressure
  • Select your required pressure bands to enhance performance and save energy
  • Set up your week timer

Monitor & control your compressor on your phone

When you have lots of things to do, keeping a constant an eye on your compressor is just not an option, right? Wrong! Now you can, thanks to AirCare, the mobile app from that lets you control, monitor and optimize your Chicago Pneumatic compressor from anywhere. 

Your AirCare benefits at a glance

  • Save time: Compressor control and monitoring are always within reach, right on your smartphone. The app is easy to install and use.
  • Lower operating costs: By optimizing your compressor performance, you can reduce energy costs.
  • Reduce waste: Running a leakage detection program lets you eliminate costly inefficiencies in your compressed air system.
  • Maximize uptime: AirCare will send you real-time notifications that allow you to recognize potential problems quickly and act accordingly. That keeps your compressor running longer.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint: By lowering your energy consumption, you can also reduce your emissions and contribute to a greener production.

Watch this video to learn more about AirCare

Help is just one click away

But that’s not all. AirCare also serves as an online resource center. It contains an entire library of documents related to your compressor, such as manuals, installation guides, videos and much more.