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CPA 7.5-20HP & CPB 25-40HP Screw Compressors

The ultimate all-in-one solution

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Designed for small spaces

With a compact design and small footprint, it compresses, stores and processes air using just 1,5 m2. Choose a tank mounted solution to save even more space.

Silent operation

The compressor can be placed near offices as its insulation foam, deflectors and anti-vibration pads assure low noise levels.

Easy to install and maintain

The good positioning of service items, belts, oil and filters allows for quick mainenance and the oil level can be checked from the outside.

Built to last

These compressors are designed for continuous duty and very hard working conditions.

Advanced control and monitoring

All running and control functions are managed by the ES3000 or ES4000 electronic controller, resulting in high energy savings and efficient system monitoring.

Configure the ultimate all-in-one solution

Forget about complex and costly installations with the ability to include:

  • An air receiver (270 or 500 L)
  • A refrigerant dryer
  • An automatic drain
  • An Inline filter