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CPBg 20-34 (20-35 HP)

Strong, reliable, efficient.

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Low noise levels

The new element and gearbox combined with the deep sound insulation result in a very low sound level.

Easy & fast maintenance

Easy maintenance and very low pressure drop thanks to the new oil separation method.

Smart monitoring and control

The unique ES4000 Advanced control unit is specially programmed for energy savings.

Energy recovery

Recover up to 75% of the energy spent to produce compressed air improving your production efficiency.

Optional air quaility package

Our CPBg is available with dryer, water separator drain and post filter for improved quality air.

Gear drive for high efficiency

Quiet and available with a dryer, water separator and filters, this machine can easily be installed in a compressor room or in the work place close to the air usage point.

The CPBg series offers you outstanding efficiency and great reliability thanks to the new element combined with robust gearbox technology and premium efficiency motors (IE3). Add a revised lay-out, a big oil separator and coolers to that and you have a compressor that will grant you total peace of mind.

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NASCAR portrait picture

Racing to win - with people, passion and performance! NASCAR race car production is planned out months ahead and a reliable supply of compressed air is vital to keep everything running to schedule. Winners don’t compromise on their equipment, so we were thrilled when Front Row Motorsports chose a 30 HP CPBG 29 D compressor for their paint shop. In fact, they describe the decision to switch to ChicagoPneumatic as a “no-brainer”. Like our partners, we’re all about people passion performance.