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CPBg 35-50

35-50 horsepower gear drive rotary screw compressor

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Standard features:

  • Low sound enclosure and pre-filtration panel with foam
  • Rapid, single-panel maintenance
  • Wye-delta reduced voltage start
  • ES-4000 microprocessor control
  • Standard IP 55 class F IE3 dual voltage 230-460 motor
  • Independent oil and air aftercoolers
  • Temperature protection on drive side motor bearings
  • Improved long life inlet valve
  • Shipped with mineral oil
  • ASME and cUL approved

125 psig readily available

100, 150 and 175 psig also available

Additional features and benefits (integrated dryer & coalescing filter)

  • New oversized dryer installed in the cold part of the unit to ensure maximum amount of moisture removal
  • Integrated coalescing filter (0.01 micron)
  • Integrated electronic zero loss drain for efficient removal of condensate
  • Reduced condensate meaning less pipe corrosion and particulate carry-over
  • Simple maintenance
  • All in one design - reduced footprint
  • Compact design compressor can be placed closer to point of use
  • Improved compressed air quality with integrated dryer and filter
  • No installation cost for air treatment: already connected (leak free)
  • Piping design allows for less pressure drop and less energy consumption

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Tech data

Model hp [email protected] psig Sound Level (dBA) L x W x H L x W x H (w/ dryer)
CPBg 35 35 157.6 69 53 x 31 x 62 53 x 31 x 62
CPBg 40 40 176.1 70 53 x 31 x 62 72 x 31 x 62
CPBg 50 50 203.1 71 53 x 31 x 62 72 x 31 x 62