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CPC/D 40-75

40-75 horsepower rotary screw compressor

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Simple installation

“All-in-one” design with no special foundation needed

Easy maintenance

All service components located at the front for excellent accessibility

Low energy & maintenance cost

With our outstanding first class components and a one person job service

Compact & user-friendly design

Door can be used as a door or as a panel in case of a small floor spaces

Fixed speed & fixed air volume

Our CPC/D compressors with fixed speed control use load/unload regulation. The compressor turns to unload mode as soon as the set pressure is reached, and then starts the routine again when the pressure drops below its level. This ensures to deliver a constant air capacity.

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Tech data

Model hp [email protected] psig Sound Level (dBA) L x W x H
CPC 40 40 174 72 49 x 42 x 64
CPC 50 50  218 73 49 x 42 x 64
CPC 60 60 261 74 49 x 42 x 64
CPD 75 75 305 75 56 x 42 x 64