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QRS 20-30

20-30 horsepower rotary screw compressor

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Low Sound Enclosure

What makes rotary screw compressors so quiet is the fact that the helical screws don't actually touch one another. A huge benefit of rotary screw compressors is that they can be mounted close to work spaces without requiring hearing protection.

100% Continuous Duty

Designed to support the most demanding air requirements, QRS compressors run at a lower RPM's. This means it can run indefinitely, non-stop, 24 hours a day.

Less Hot

The Quiet Rotary Screw Compressor causes less moisture build-up in the tank because there is less heat. And because they run less hot, you can expect them to last much longer.

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Tech data

Model hp acfm@125 psig Sound Level (dBA) L x W x H L x W x H (w/ dryer) L x W x H (w/ tank) L x W x H (w/ tank+dryer)
QRS 20 20 82.2 67 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72
QRS 25 25 99.4 69 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72
QRS 30 30 113.8 70 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72