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Energy savings

A CPVSM with VSD matches its air delivery to your actual need. That means it is not using – and wasting-energy when your demand for compressed air is lower. Typically, energy savings run in the double digits!

Reliable operations

This is due to not having downtime for belt tensioning or replacement and a quiet and smooth gear transmission. High-capacity oil/air coolers and perfect air filtration ensure a long lifetime. Lastly, an unbeatable performance with the heavy-duty IP55 motors.

Connectivity for performance and reliability

Remote connectivity, anywhere, any time. Notifications and shutdown alarms eliminate risk of downtime. Increased reliability with planned service interventions.

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Smart service plans

Maintenance is often forgotten until it is too late. A service plan keeps your compressor running energy- efficiently and avoids breakdowns. As a result, you get the most out of your compressor and save on operational costs. Contact your local Chicago Pneumatic distributor  for more information.

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Kate portrait picture

Do you believe in rewarding excellence? CP does. We believe a winning team consists of individual players who are all given the opportunity to shine. Just ask Kate Turner. “I always wanted to work for a company that believes in empowering women. With Chicago Pneumatic I hit the ground running, with opportunities, training and support. They have given me the confidence and freedom to truly connect with customers. And those connections are what make us different.”