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What Compressors are Quiet?

How Chicago Pneumatic and Scratch & Grain Baking Work Together

scratch and grain

Taya had a great idea of creating pre-packaged organic baking kits. In an effort to make “homemade baking fun, delicious, easy, and a littler healthier,” this mother created Scratch & Grain Baking Co. No longer do you have to go to the grocery store and deal with the hassle of buying a laundry list of ingredients. By making each kit individually packaged with separate ingredients, Scratch & Grain Baking came up with a simpler way to bake. Originally, Taya was planning on being an online exclusive retailer and most of the work was completed as a self-operating system.

Compressors & Cookies: Nothing is Sweeter

My First Air Compressor

Once Taya realized machines would help with the efficiency of her business, she knew her next step would be an air compressor. "When originally sized for an air compressor, I was told to purchase a Piston compressor. Little did I know how LOUD the machine would be. Also, it wasn't meant to keep up with the demand of my growing shop. " "The compressor would constantly cycle-on and made our work environment unbearable for most. One day enough was enough and we moved the machine outside. However, even that didn't make a huge difference on the noise level."

A Quiet Compressor

Scratch and grain qrs10
Taya, knowing there had to be another option, went to a local Chicago Pneumatic distributor to find out what air compressor options were available. The distributor ran an air audit of her equipment and sized her with a Quiet Rotary Screw Compressor, 10 HP. The QRS machine quietly purrs in her 5,000 sq foot warehouse with purple painted floors. "It's so quiet, we don't even notice it's there. It allows our minds to focus on the important work of doing what we love." For more information about proper air compressor sizing, please complete the form below. Or call us directly at, 877-861-2722.
Scratch and Grain

Thank you, Scratch & Grain! We loved hearing about your business, learning about your air compressor needs and especially trying your amazing baked goods!! - The CP Team

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