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spray foam insulation installation

Compressed Air in Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation offers an effective and efficient way to insulate the building. Compressed air in spray foam insulation is essential. It allows the spray foam equipment to run and work efficiently.  When choosing your spray foam rigs, your air compressor must be big enough to provide your equipment with enough air. Chicago Pneumatic manufactures air compressors for industrial applications. We engineer our products for performance and lasting customer value.

How Do Air Compressors Help the Spray Foam Process?

Air compressors provide the required air pressure for the spray foam process. With spray foam insulation, you need a generator to power the industrial air compressor for the proportioning pump in the spray foam rig.

Pneumatic air compressors should be large and have enough air volume to power the proportioning pump. If your machine's pump is electric or electric/hydraulic, you need an air compressor for the spray gun and other pneumatic tools. Electric and hydraulic pump systems require a small air compressor for the transfer pump in the spray foam rig.  

What Size Air Compressor Do You Need for Spray Foam?

When deciding on the size of your spray foam rig's air compressor, consider your machine. Are you using a high-pressure or low-pressure spray foam machine? You must also understand the capacity required to power your spray gun, pump and breathing equipment.  

When determining the size of your air compressor, you need to consider:

  • The air compressor volume in cubic ft. per minute (CFM)
  • The air compressor pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI)

The transfer pumps and the spray gun are typical components that need air in a spray foam rig. Use this general rule for compressed air in spray foam insulation. 

  • 5 CFM air compressor for the spray gun
  • 5 CFM for either of the two transfer pumps
  • A minimum of 15-20 CFM at 120 PSI 

Uses of an Air Compressor in Spray Foam Rigs

The air compressor for spray guns actuates the gun and other components or the spray foam rig during insulation application. 

Having the right size air compressor for spray guns is vital. If the size is incorrect, it will starve your equipment of air, which can lead to expensive losses in investing in generators or larger air compressors. 

The Chicago Pneumatic QRS series air compressors are ideal for spray foam insulation. They are easy to use, robust, reliable and don't require cool-down periods. This spray foam rig compressor gives you more air at a low energy cost thanks to its rotary screw technology. You can also customize it to your preference and specific applications. 

Choose Chicago Pneumatic for Air Compressors

If you want air compressors for spray foam rigs, Chicago Pneumatic has high-performance air compressors and air treatment equipment for professional and industrial applications. At Chicago Pneumatic, we engineer our products for performance and lasting customer value. 

Contact us today to request a quote for a compressor.

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