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My Compressor isn't Making Air. Why?

Quick Troubleshooting Tips Before you call the Tech

Is your air compressor not turning on or making air? Here are a few tech tips that can help save you money by having someone come out and check your air compressor. Below are the most common quick solutions to "why isn't my air compressor making air into my facility?".

1. Check the Discharge Valve

The first thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that the discharge valve on the compressor is open. Is it allowing air to feed out to the facility? The compressor will run and if the valve is closed it can't go anywhere.

2. Is your machine getting power?

If your unit won't start, even after the valve is open, the power source is our next check. Is the machine turned on? Believe it or not, most people don't know that there is a breaker that controls the air compressor. If the breaker trips due to a storm or not having enough power, this may be why your compressor isn't turning on.

3. On/Off Switch

Piston or reciprocating compressors have an on/off switch. The switch is on the pressure switch to turn it on and off. The guy that was in Friday evening shutting down the unit uses the off switch and shut the valve. Come Monday morning, when another person comes in, he's not used to doing the startup.

4. Reset Button

lastly would be this blue button on the front of it is the reset button SAS people all time did you check the reset button no we didn't check it ensures when they push the button there the unit starts back up this is for a motor protection if there's an issue in the plant there's an issue with the power this allows the device to shut down and shut the compressor off so if we're able to reset that it was a safety vise took place and was able to shut the unit down so if you

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Different Types of Pistons
If your compressor still isn't turning on, please let us to assist. For tech support for any Chicago Pneumatic product, please call us at (877)861-2722, opt 1. Or email us directly at [email protected] . We look forward to helping.

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