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Time-proven reliability

Designed by our global engineering team, all key components are developed in-house or from reputable global suppliers ensuring highest quality. High quality filters protect internal components and ensure long lifetime of the compressor. The smart graphical controller monitors and protects various parameters to ensure safe operation at all times.

Low total cost of ownership

Energy costs represent around 80% of the total operating cost of an air compressor. Equipped with our variable speed technology, the energy cost can be reduced with 35%. Additionally 75% of the heat generated by the compressor can be recovered with the integrated energy recover option and used to heat up the plant, further reducing the energy bill.

User-friendly design

Multiple service doors enable easy access for and ergonomic operation for service technicians to carry out service. The controller with a large colored graphical display is easy to read and indicates a clear service schedule.

Variable speed control - Frequency inverter regulation

A frequency driven compressor has a working pattern with lower peaks and a smoother air profile. This is achieved by controlling the air delivery and producing only the amount of air required for the customer’s application at a specific moment. The net pressure is maintained by use of a frequency inverter. As a result, the compressor consumes only the energy needed, making it very cost efficient.

Technical specifications


Installed motor Power 

132-315 kW / 180-420 HP 

Working Pressure 

7-10; 7-13 Bar 

Capacity FAD 

328-3139 m3/h 

Noise level 

77-80 dB(A) 

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Are you looking for a compressed air partner who shares your commitment to sustainability? CP can help you do more for the environment, with reliable products, first-class services, and skilled experts like Manuel Fradera: “As an engineer, I’m always thinking about the bigger picture. I get a thrill when projects I work on go on to support customers I admire – ambitious, forward-looking companies who are investing in a sustainable future. The CPVS 220 is a good example – with VSD technology and an energy recovery system to help customers to save energy and reduce emissions. It recently made its debut in Spain!”