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As an engineer, I guess I’m always thinking about the bigger picture – majestic architecture, amazing infrastructure, the innovations that make the world a brighter, better place. I was especially proud when one of the compressors I worked on recently made its debut in Spain. The customer is a long-established glass specialist whose products have transformed facades, interiors, skyscrapers, and transport hubs all around Europe.

It’s exactly the kind of ambitious, forward-looking company I had in mind when I worked on the CPVS 220 project. Everyone on the team had the same belief: the customer should never have to think about compressed air. It should just be there when they need it! We designed a compressor range with our own oil-cooled motor technology, using permanent magnets to ensure reliable performance under the toughest conditions and with the least possible maintenance. It includes a variable speed drive (VSD) which adjusts the speed to follow air demand as it goes up and down. This can reduce energy bills by around a third and makes a big impact on a company’s carbon footprint.

We also integrated an energy recovery system that captures waste heat from the compressor so that it can be used to heat water for industrial cleaning and sanitary facilities – or even to heat spaces. Why not? Up to 75% of compression heat can be recovered and reused and that makes a huge difference to a factory’s running costs!

Our new customer invested in the ideal package for their newly-expanded plant: the CPVS 220 combined with a corresponding refrigerant dryer, pre- and post-filters and a condensate separator. This setup allows them to deliver the highest air flow with the lowest possible energy consumption.

It’s always a thrill when a project I worked on ends up supporting a company I admire. It’s what motivates me to keep dreaming, thinking big and reaching further. And it’s an attitude we all share at Chicago Pneumatic.

It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

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"It's not just what we do. It's who we are"