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My brother and I may have chosen different paths in life, but we share an appreciation of innovation and a passion for good quality and attention to detail. I was already living in Brazil and working at Chicago Pneumatic when he set up his kitchen cabinet plant in Florida. I knew he would make a success of it – he is a hard worker and has an eye for the right equipment and business partners – but there was still a surprise in store for me when I visited him last summer.

I didn’t even know that he had an air compressor in his factory, so I wasn’t expecting to see one of the machines I work on, the CPVS 40-60, right in front of me when he took me on a tour. It’s a machine I know inside out and I knew immediately that he had made a smart choice. “It’s a fantastic compressor,” he explained, “totally reliable and exactly right for all my production needs.” The manufacturing area is quite small, so he needed a compact compressor, one that would operate quietly and wouldn’t add to the heat on the factory floor.

Like any business owner, my brother wants to keep running costs down, and he was pleased that Chicago Pneumatic had recommended a Variable Speed Drive compressor. It means that the speed is automatically adjusted to air demand, delivering precisely the right pressure when it’s needed. “Our electricity bills are lower and we feel as if we’re doing our bit for the environment,” he told me.

I’m proud that the family business is using a machine produced by the company I work for. We all have the same values and attitudes and, in a way, it makes me feel closer to home. For my family, and for Chicago Pneumatic, it’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

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"It's not just what we do. It's who we are"