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Total Solution for Air Compressor Room

The view of air compressor room and total solution offering by Chicago Pneumatic

Total Solution - Need of the Hour

Today’s industrial needs call for a focus on life cycle approach by equipment suppliers and responsible usage of available resources by the industries. The rising global challenges, growing environmental concerns makes the manufacturing industry seek a sustainable partnership that will maximize their productivity and minimize the total cost of ownership. We, at Chicago Pneumatic, are passionate to deliver a one-stop solution that exactly meet today’s industry demands.


Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A compressed air system is typically composed of screw air compressors or rotary screw compressor along with compressed air accessories such as air dryer for compressors or heatless dryer, air filters, air receivers and Airnet piping. Based on the industrial applications, refrigerant air dryers, Oxygen generators or Nitrogen generators may get added as a part of the value chain of air treatment system. 75-80% of the total cost of ownership consists of energy consumption of compressed air system. Buying decisions have transformed from buying just the best screw air compressor to tailoring the right solution that maximizes uptime, guaranteed air quality, reduces environmental footprint, and minimizes operational costs.

The state-of-the-art Oil Cooled Permanent Magnet Technology used in Chicago Pneumatic Oil injected air screw compressors contribute up to 45% of energy savings when compared to a traditional air compressor. While you focus on your core areas, we focus to deliver a reliable & highly efficient compressed air products!

The AirXtend six years warranty and total responsibility program ensures maximum uptime and performance of Chicago Pneumatic air compressors. This makes us differentiate as Total Solution Partner for you than just being an air compressor manufacturers.


Complete Package Offering

From the most miniscule pressure drops to the most significant dew point, attention to detail is crucial. Example, 0.1 bar increase in pressure is around 1% increase in power consumption of your system. We set these points right for you! As an original manufacturer of air dryers, receivers, filters, air piping system - Airnet and of course air compressors, we design a world-class Compressed Air System for you. What happens when 120+ years of existence, 100+ dedicated distributors on field and 100+ team members come together? Expect nothing less than a team passionate about improving your productivity. At Chicago Pneumatic, we promise global experience and local expertise for our industry partners.

When you need service support, we are there for you! Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete 360° service approach right at your doorstep. Genuine Parts for compressors and oil, 24x7 assistance, technical support and consultative approach by experienced technicians forms an integral backbone of Chicago Pneumatic.


The Future of Compressor Room

The future compressor room is really all about two C’s – Connectivity and Carbon Footprint. Focus on these will set you apart from the rest. The world is digitizing very fast and this creates a plethora of opportunities for connectivity. Industry 4.0 is the next big thing, this can keep compressed air systems on the move. Intelligent controllers connected to our compressed air systems will keep you well-informed. They monitor the system performance for you providing you complete peace of mind. Climate change brings major challenges to the existence of humanity and reduction of carbon footprint has never been this important.

The future compressed air system accords significant importance to the following:

· Permanent Magnet VSD Technology · Transparency of system data · Energy Recovery System · Central Controller & Monitoring · Air Treatment Solutions

Another point of concern for you might be, a significant amount of compressed air produced is wasted as heat energy. We have a solution for you. Heat Recovery is equipment integrated into the oil circuit of the compressor to capture heat of compression. Up to 75% of the heat energy can be recovered, converted into usable hot water for utility processes. 400,000 KWH can be recovered on a 100 KW compressor system across the whole year, resulting in a whooping 2.0 MINR saving per year.

Our extensive understanding of heat recovery concept makes us future ready for the big leap in your ‘ideal compressor room’. With embedded connectivity options (ICONS), Chicago Pneumatic is poised to take your productivity to the next level.

Think compressed air systems, Call your total solution partner 'Chicago Pneumatic'

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