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Biogas Compressors

Biogas Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic, your trusted partner in biogas compression solutions. We understand the importance of biogas generation patterns and the end application of upgraded biogas for optimum performance. With our efficient and reliable Biogas Compressor range, we guarantee the best performance, enhanced uptime, and low operating costs, leading to higher profits for compressed biogas (CBG) plant owners and farmers.

Why choose Chicago Pneumatic for your biogas journey?

Our Biogas Compressors are specifically designed to handle the unique characteristics of biogas, including its corrosive nature and impurities like moisture and hydrogen sulfide. Equipped with robust materials and advanced sealing technologies, our compressors ensure the safe and effective compression of biogas, providing added profitability and sustainable production across various applications.

AVM Mounted
VFD operated to suit biogas flow generation
Acoustic enclosure (Silenced version - optional)
Compact and robust cooler design
Control panel mounted on canopy
Cascade mounting



Key benefits of our biogas compressor range

Our compressors deliver exceptional performance, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing productivity.

Reliability: Built to run trouble-free with long service intervals, our compressors offer reliable and uninterrupted biogas compression.

Durability: We utilize robust materials and advanced sealing technologies to withstand the corrosive nature of biogas, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Safety: Our compressors prioritize safety by effectively handling impurities and providing secure compression of biogas.

Customized Solutions: We offer a range of compressor options to meet the specific requirements of your biogas application.

Choose Chicago Pneumatic for a biogas compressor range that puts you ahead in terms of performance, reliability, and profitability. Join us in the journey towards sustainable biogas production.

Product Range

Aftermarket Services

We understand that our responsibility goes beyond product delivery. We are committed to providing guaranteed serviceability, ensuring the 24 x 7 availability and reliability of your biogas plant while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

Comprehensive range of compressors for every biogas plant need.

Contact us today for an in-depth understanding of features, capabilities, and how we can enhance your operations. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our aftermarket impact

Genuine parts
Customer support plans
Monitoring and Control

Support around the clock
Committed service personnel
Most cost-effective approach
Quality and productivity

Dedicated local support in your language
Longer life expectancy for your compressor
Proactivity: service ahead of time
Global presence, local service, never more than a phone call away