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LP Bio Gas Compressor for Grid Injection

HP Reciprocating Compressor

Low Pressure HX/HN piston type biogas compressors. A versatile and efficient compression solution that offers reliable performance,easy maintenance, and customizable configurations. Its robust construction and features make it suitable for various CBG applications. A one-stop source for a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for all gas and air compression requirements.

100% Oil free compression
Energy efficient
AVM mounted
VFD operated to suit biogas generation
Strong aftermarket support
IoT based remote monitoring
Maximum availability with total responsibility contract

Our Product Range

At Chicago Pneumatic, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance profitability and promote sustainable production across various industries.

Our Biogas Compressor lineup is engineered for demanding applications, to ensure seamless operation with extended service intervals, making them the perfect choice for your needs.