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CNG - Compressed Natural Gas Compressor


At Chicago Pneumatic, the CNG  Compressors product range provides technologically advanced  Natural Gas Compressors that help make industries more profitable while at the same time, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. CNG stations rarely have stand-by compressors – therefore reliability is an extremely important criteria when investing in the right compressor. The CP -  CNG Compressors  are built to run trouble free with long service intervals and are ideal for such a demanding application.

When it comes to CNG solutions, we can provide you with the right high pressure solutions that best suit your compressed natural gas needs. Our CNG solutions are focused on waste, cost and space reduction.

Product Range

CNG Aftermarket Services


At Chicago Pneumatic, our responsibility does not stop when the product is delivered. Guaranteed serviceability ensures 24 x 7 availability and reliability of your CNG systems with the lowest possible operating costs.

With our extensive range of compressors, we ensure every CNG need is catered to for results that can transform your application’s productivity and longevity too.

Contact us to request a quote and see how our Chicago Pneumatic experts can best address your customer needs.


Our aftermarket impact

Genuine parts Lubricants Customer support plans Monitoring and Control Support around the clock Committed service personnel

Most cost-effective approach Quality and productivity Dedicated local support in your language Longer life expectancy for your compressor Proactivity: service ahead of time Global presence, local service, never more than a phone call away