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VIP booster cum online CNG compressors

VIP - Variable inlet pressure booster cum online CNG compressor
Our variable inlet pressure (VIP) compressors make use of the pressure in your CNG trailers to reduce daughter station requirements. It unloads more gas from an LCV mobile trailer than other compressors, saving you money on gas regulation and recompression.

This is a compressor with sustainable and productivity enhances features To match mobile cascade pressure thus using the energy in the mobile Cascade rather than regulating to lower pressures and re- compressing the gas, it accepts variable inlet pressure. It also performs the dual function of a booster and standard online compressor for added functionality with an extremely low acceptance of inlet pressure. Most notably, the compact design gives you a smaller carbon footprint and is a single cost investment due to its booster & online feature.

Dual function – booster and online compressor
Only a single investment required
Accepts Lowest inlet pressures - 14 bar
Compact design
Smaller carbon footprint
Accepts variable inlet pressure to match mobile cascade pressure WITHOUT THROTTLING