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Screw Compressor

Screw compressor

A single stage oil lubricated compressor with a superior mechanical shaft seal. Features plug and play, along with a superior shaft seal. Our top-of-the-line design maximizes gas flow and ensures high performance along with safety thanks to our variable speed drive electric motor. The Screw compressor is VFD compliant and quiet thanks to the availability of a silenced canopy on request.

Compact plug & Play
Single stage, oil lubricated, with superior mechanical shaft seal
Proven design rotors maximize gas flow at low energy cost
High performance oil separator
Safe electric motor with Variable Speed Drive
VFD compliant
Acoustic enclosure (Silenced version - optional)

Our Product Range

At Chicago Pneumatic, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance profitability and promote sustainable production across various industries.

Our Biogas Compressor lineup is engineered for demanding applications, to ensure seamless operation with extended service intervals, making them the perfect choice for your needs.