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100% Oil free PX Canopy compressor application

Compressed Air in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Segment

Oil Free Air compressors in Pharmaceutical application

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Did you know that Pharmaceutical Industry in India ranks 4th in the world, pertaining to the volume of sales? The growth rate of the Healthcare industry segment in India is 13% year over year, with a contribution over 2% to the GDP of the country

With the increasing no. of industries comes the race for increased quality segmental deliverables amongst the Industry- which requires Very stringent hygiene standards

The norms to be followed by the Pharma industries(by the US Food & Drug Administration) are specified for production conditions for manufacturing medicinal products, particularly for clean room conditions- which requires 100% oil free, clean, quality air in almost every process.

Chicago Pneumatic oil free compression chamber ensures the demand of 100% oil-free compressed air is met to the fullest.

Compressed air in a Pharma industry is used for a number of production and packaging applications, including

·         blowing off and drying bottles prior to filling,

·         Conveying pills

·         Providing air for pneumatically controlled valves and cylinders

·         Breathing air systems.

Apart from the above mentioned major applications , Compressed air is also utilized in the Drug manufacturing for ; Jet Mill, Process air, Fermentation, Packaging, Capsuling, Coating, Filling, Capping, Cleaning, Instrumentation.

The compressed air utilised is therefore subjected to high requirements because it often comes into direct contact with the product itself in the production processes. Depending on its application, compressed air must be sterile or oil-free.

Reliability & High Uptime is required when looking for an air compressor that can deliver accurate and repeatable results and can meet the quality control needs demanded by the strict industrial standards.


Oil free PX PXi series

We present you Chicago Pneumatics’ 100% Oil Free PX series Canopy compressor- an integrated package of Oil Free Piston technology, contributing quality air to the Healthcare Industry with a High Efficient Drive system- ensuring Energy savings & in-turn Total Lifecycle cost.

Our PX-PXi series compressors are available in multiple variants with working pressure from 2.5-10 Bar, with an offering of Air/Water cooled & Inverter Driven versions.

Please get in touch with your Local Representative for any further details/ feel free to reach out to us!

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