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The Importance of Air Compressor Parts and Their Maintenance


If you are an owner of an air compressor and use it in your business, you will know it is very important to keep the compressor in good working condition.

Replacement of air compressor parts

When the air compressor is continuously used in your business, after some time, some parts of the air compressor do not work as per its optimal capacity and they should be replaced.

It is essential that the parts you are going to replace should be original parts and not other cheap varieties from unauthorized vendors. This is because original parts work for a longer time. They also offer superior and better performance, making them more efficient and leading to less downtime. Original parts also have very high efficiency hence you can save on your electricity costs.

Air quality is very important for an air compressor. If original parts are used, then air quality will be high. It also gives protection to the equipment and the air compressor has a very low chance of breakdown. If the breakdown time is very low, then the money you spend for maintenance would also be lowered.

Chicago Pneumatic is a trusted brand which supplies original parts. The original parts such as air filters, separator element, oil filters, service kits and lubricants are built to give maximum performance. This maximum performance also comes with lower operating and production cost.

The original parts of Chicago Pneumatic have the following features and are hence guaranteed to offer superior performance:

  1. Specific design: They are specifically designed for your compressor, and hence give guaranteed performance.
  2. Quality control: They pass through very strict quality checks and controls before being approved
  3. Energy efficiency: The original parts achieve maximum energy efficiency and hence save your energy costs
  4. Performance: They ensure the integrity of your system and reliable performance
  5. Service kits: The service kits have all the parts required for service requirements. The problem of missing parts, errors, and extra downtime is eliminated. They also come at an affordable price
  6. Overall costs: There will be a substantial saving in your overall costs by using the original parts.

Air compressor maintenance

Follow these tips to ensure that your air compressor works at its optimum capacity:

  1. Make a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for your air compressor. Also, include checking of air filter quality and replacement. A schedule for annual preventive maintenance for your air compressor is ideal.

  2. Keep your compressor cleanExternal dirt, dust, excess moisture or water, rust etc. can damage your machine. If your air compressor is clean, then the airflow will be ideal. At the end of each use, turn off your air compressor and allow it to cool before wiping it down with a microfiber cloth or gentle cleaning agent.

  3. Whenever possible, operate your air compressor in an open-air workplace rather than in a workshop or near things like other machinery, smoke, aerosol or other pollutants. Eliminate all unnecessary indoor pollutants, including tobacco smoke. If you are operating your air compressor indoors, ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

  4. Inspect, clean and/or replace your air filters on a weekly basis: For this, you can refer to the instructions manual for cleaning an air filter. If no manual is available, you can follow the steps below:
    • Turn the air compressor off and let it cool
    • Unscrew and remove the filter top cover from the filter base.
    • Check the top cover and note down if there is any issue
    • Remove the filter element carefully from the base and check it
    • Blow any dust or dirt away from the filter element with low-pressure compressed air.
    • If a replacement is not required, gently secure the element to its original place and reattach the top cover.
  5. Checking compressor oil level: Ensure that an original oil filter and original lubricants are used. It is better if the oil level is checked daily. For checking the oil level, you can follow the steps below:
    • Ensure that the compressor unit is off and is disconnected from the power source
    • Ensure that it is on a flat and level surface
    • Remove the fill cap/plug and inspect the oil in the crankcase assembly and look for dirt or debris
    • Check for oil leakage if any
    • Oil should not exceed the halfway point of the sight glass

To conclude, if you have a disciplined approach to air compressor maintenance and use original parts for replacement, then your air compressor’s efficiency will be maximized, leading to lower maintenance and operational costs.