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Reasons to use Original Parts for Air Compressors

There is a whole story behind it. A story that’s rooted in many decades of experienceand that is carried forward by many people in a strong, worldwide organization.

A story where, surprisingly, the supporting role gets all the attention. Usually, the lead character is your trusted brand compressed air equipment with all its strengths and benefits. But this time, we’d like to focus on the supporting role played by Original Parts and Service.

“Supporting” is to be taken literally. Original Parts and Service are all about support, of the equipment and of the end customer.

The Long Run

The first way in which Original Parts and Service reinforce the brand’s equipment is by making it last.

A customer has bought quality compressed air equipment. But over a longer period, reliable performance largely depends on good maintenance.

That means regular service at the right intervals, by service experts, using replacement parts that were designed for the equipment. With Original Parts and Service, machines work more efficiently and reliably, with a minimal risk of breakdowns. The equipment will live longer at a lower operating cost.

Regular service using original spare parts extends the lifetime of your compressor by 20%. Long-term reliability also means a dependable supply of parts and service. Promises are kept, and delivery times are minimal thanks to proven logistics within a worldwide organization. 

Original Parts and Service support the brand reputation of quality and reliability. To the customer, support translates into sustained performance, efficiency and uptime.


Reasons to use Genuine Parts for Air Compressors

If you have installed compressors in your business, you would be aware that spare parts of the compressors require to be well maintained and replaced regularly due to their wear and tear.

Often the owner would be in a dilemma as to whether the spare parts need to be replaced with genuine spare parts or cheap ones.

However, it is inappropriate to believe that replacing the spare parts with non-genuine ones is the cheapest and best solution. Replacement with genuine parts is the only alternative to ensure smooth working of the compressor over a long period of time.

Manufactured under the same quality standards as your original ones, genuine parts guarantee that the output, even once the replacement is done will be the same, or maybe even better than before. This is because genuine parts are fully tested during the toughest running conditions in an endurance test.

With use of Original and Genuine parts you increase the security of supply with compressed air in your factory with Budget Control and Optimized uptime and energy efficiency reduce the operating cost of your compressor

 Advantages of replacement with genuine or original spare parts can be stated as follows:

1. Longer Life Expectancy

The risk of early breakdown of your compressor is substantially minimised when damaged parts are replaced with the genuine spares. This results in a lot of money being saved as maintenance expenses are reduced.

If non-genuine parts are used, the risk of breakdown is higher even if they are priced lesser than the genuine ones. This results in a shorter lifespan of your compressor.

Non-Genuine parts might look cheaper but they are far more expensive considering all additional cost such as Breakdown, productive and downtime etc. and risk as well

2. Better Quality

Genuine spare parts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of your compressors and are manufactured similar to original parts and prove to be a perfect replacement for your compressor. Non-genuine parts can damage the other genuine parts in a compressor, which can damage the compressor.

3. Productivity

Non-genuine parts do not work with the same efficiency as original parts, and this leads to a drop in quality. Genuine parts help in maintaining production up-time.

4. Reliability

Using genuine spare parts for your compressor will reduce the chances of sudden breakdown. Breakdowns can directly affect the quality of production and can therefore lead to a loss in profitability.

5. Energy savings

When the compressor is working at its optimal capacity, the chances of pressure drop is immensely reduced, allowing it to consume less power and thereby leading to energy savings. Don’t forget the 80% of cost is only Energy. Chicago Pneumatic offers a unique value proposition with the introduction of “Energy Box”. This innovative solution harnesses compression heat and can recover up to 80% of this valuable thermal energy, which otherwise would be lost.

Genuine parts are also environment-friendly in many ways, like less power consumption and lesser amount of emission.

6. Guarantee and Availability

Genuine spare parts also come with a warranty against any fault, whereas such a warranty cannot be provided by suppliers of non-genuine parts. Original parts fully uphold the integrity of the equipment and guarantee its performance. We strive for 95% availability or more.

7. After Sales Service

After sales service exists for genuine spare parts supplier, who provide services like technical support, diagnostic assistance, and troubleshooting services even after the sales.

In conclusion, always go for original parts for replacement and do not compromise on quality irrespective of the cost involved.