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Piston Air Compressor with Cast Iron Block

With Cast Iron Block

Looking for a durable, high-performance Piston air compressor?

Here is the new Cast Iron Piston Compressor - a reliable and robust range, built with top quality components for rugged industrial duty. A complete solution featuring an air treatment package that guarantees dry and clean air, suitable for very demanding applications. The all new CPV - Cast Iron Piston Compressor comes in a range of 3HP - 10HP.

Why choose Chicago Pneumatic's cast iron piston compressors?

Robust, Reliable and Proven Technology

What is Piston Compressor?

A reciprocating air compressor is a positive displacement compressor that uses a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder to compress the air. A two-stage compressor includes an additional step where the air is compressed by a second.

How does a Piston Compressor work?

Like a small internal combustion engine, a conventional piston compressor has a crankshaft, a connecting rod and piston, a cylinder and a valve head. As the piston moves down, a vacuum is created above it. This allows outside air at atmospheric pressure to push open the inlet valve and fill the area above the piston. 


• The pumps are running at optimal speed, to ensure lower noise levels and extended lifetimes, guaranteeing a greater performance. They are perfectly suitable for the more demanding and intensive applications. Continuous performance in extreme climatic conditions • Greater cooling and better heat dissipation • Low oil carry-over and extended life of piston rings • Higher volumetric efficiency. • Small Foot Print

What is piston duty cycle?

When buying a piston compressor, most focus is placed on the flow/CFM or litres/minute. Commonly we think “I need this much air” and then find a piston compressor that can deliver that much air. But what is often forgotten is the regularity of use, the duty cycle. All piston compressors have a duty cycle, some as low as 25% and some as much as 100%..

How can find the duty cycle of my piston compressors?

You can work out the duty cycle of your machine by reading the engine plate of your air compressor.

Can a piston compressor have a 100% duty cycle?

Yes, there are piston compressors that have 100% duty cycle, Duty cycle is a fraction of period when machine is in operating mode. It is a cycle of operation of compressor when it operates irregularly (Not Continuously). Our new CPV piston compressor have 100% duty cycle.

Where are Piston Air Compressors typically used?