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Close up transparent plastic bottle under nozzle dispenser component of automatic medicine capsule bottle filling and counting machine during manufacturing process

Air Compressors for Pharmaceutical Industry

Selecting the right compressed air solutions not only optimize your processes but also ensure product purity and regulatory compliance, safeguarding your investments and contributing to the production of safe and high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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Ensuring product integrity

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining the highest product quality is non-negotiable. Compressed air used in pharmaceutical processes must meet rigorous standards to guarantee that the final products remain free from contaminants. Falling short of these industry requirements can lead to disruptions in production, potential closures, and financial repercussions.

We have experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Having served clients in the pharmaceutical industry in many countries, we have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to help you find the ideal solution and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our variable speed drive compressors are among the most efficient on the market, saving a lot of energy by analyzing, monitoring and optimizing your compressed air installation.

Clean compressed air for pharmaceutical applications

Maintaining the highest level of air quality in pharmaceutical applications is crucial. We recognize the critical importance of compressed air in pharmaceutical processes, ensuring it meets the stringent requirements for the highest standards of product integrity and safety.

Depending on your specific application and air quality needs, we can tailor solutions with oil-injected compressors in combination with high-quality air treatment and filtration systems, regular maintenance, and risk assessment.

Our experience providing compressed air solutions to several industries, means we can assist in ensuring your compressed air technology needs are met in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer total compressed air solutions to your business including air compressors, compressed air dryers, compressed air filters and other compressed air products. Our compressors provide efficient and reliable solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

Bottling, canning and packaging: Compressed air is used to clean and remove moisture from containers, bottles, tubes or cans, depending on the product. During this process, air comes into contact with the product, so the air must be clean enough to avoid the risk of contamination.

Manufacture of tablets and capsules: Compressed air comes into contact during almost all phases of the process. Mixing and granulation, drying, pressing, coating and packaging. The air must be adequately filtered to remove any potential oil contamination from the compressed air.

Manufacturing: Manufacture of ointments, creams, gels and syrups, tubes, vials, etc. have to be cleaned and dried before being filled with your product to remove any moisture or dust. Providing clean air ensures that the final product is not contaminated.

Fermentation: Sterile air aerates a fermenter. The air cannot be contaminated, or the bacteria will be contaminated and therefore the final product will not be of high quality.

Instrumentation air: Air is used for pneumatic conveying during the manufacturing process, this means that it comes into contact with the product, for which it must be clean air. During the rest of the process, compressed air is also used to control valves, sorting, polishing and more.