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Central Controllers - eControl6

Synchronize the operation of your compressor room's multiple installations with our smart eControl6

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Get your compressed air equipment in sync

Did you know, A 1 bar pressure reduction leads to 7% ENERGY SAVING AND 15% LESS LEAKAGE

Depending on the installation, control requirements and the number of compressors that need to be managed centrally, CP now offers LEADAIR with a range of master controls tailored to your needs. To best answer instant demand, optimizing the operation of multiple compressors with different flows and technologies is a requirement.LEADAIR continuously measures network pressure and uses the best suited equipment to cover the required demand, taking into account technical parameters and possible savings.

When is it time to install eControl6?

Energy cost savings

Lowers energy consumption by reducing long periods of unloaded operation. ECOntrol will control up to 6 compressors

User-Designed Operation

Control the entire network from a single point with Clear graphic display Online monitoring and control available

Complete Control of compressor room

Visual overview of compressor room along with Equalization of running hours, spread over different compressors with similar priorities

Intelligent solution

Production fluctuations and the use of different pressure profiles demand for an intelligent solution which manages all centrally

Savings through Harmony and Control

The ECOntrol6 gives you a well-managed compressed air system that decreases downtime and maintenance, while increasing production and most importantly, lowering your energy costs. Chicago Pneumatic Multilogic Controllers give you a single point of control, which allows you to more efficiently monitor and regulate multiple compressors (branded and non-branded) simultaneously. Troubleshooting becomes much easier as the system will recognize problems immediately; identifying which compressor is malfunctioning and even identifying the nature of the problem. But the most important benefit you’ll gain is better overall network performance that helps you minimize energy costs.

What's in it for you after installing eControl6?

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