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CP original parts

Original services for your compressors from the trusted brand

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Service plans

Your Air compressor needs an expert service for an extended life time

With a view to accommodating the different factors that can impact your business, including your compressor’s average run time, work-schedule; Chicago Pneumatic recommends the service of your air compressor at proposed timely intervals by our service experts

Custom service expertise

By tailoring service to your needs and priorities, our expert service team makes it easier for you to time service correctly and source the right parts quickly and hassle-free.

Investment done right

Help you make the most of your investment and manage your resources effectively, ensuring optimal availability of your compressor

Maximum care

we provide an uninterrupted flow of compressed air or vacuum, while you can focus on your core activities.

Hassle free planning on Inventory

Let us worry about parts inventory, equipment monitoring, service interventions and repairs.

Unrivalled uptime

Get unrivalled uptime and efficiency with our team's pre-scheduled maintenance activities, reduce overhead costs and achieve your business goals.

Optimal Compressor Service, Optimal Performance

Our service solutions help you achieve even higher reliability, up-time and record energy savings. Service support by Chicago Pneumatic experts helps you get the most out of your equipment.

Explore our Tailor-made service solutions for you