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Oil free air - Gas Boosters

Industrial Gas compressors

Made for industrial applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to Breweries and Oil & Gas, and various other industrial processes, our 100% oil-free gas compressors are true solutions

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With decades of experience curated into fine solutions, Chicago Pneumatic's oil free compressors and industrial gas boosters are the most reliable solutions. Rest assured on our global 24/7 service in the most critical conditions. Trusted by industry leaders all over the world, here is what makes our industrial gas boosters a unique choice for your site. 

Reliable operations

Heavy duty crankcase with forced feed lubrication for better lubrication allowing more load. Designed for longer operation cycles, our industrial gas compressors are ready to meet all your production requirements.

Proven performance

Lower gas temperatures along with excellent cylinder cooling assisted by forced cold water circulation ensure longer component life keeping your investments safe

Higher adaptivity

Components of compressors (valves, piston rod packings, cylinders) are specially selected according to the gas composition and the humidity content with reduced risk of corrosion specially in case of wet gas

Hassle free maintenance

Reduced time for maintenance during regular service intervals due to horizontal design and ease of access to all components and removable crosshead guide

Tailor made solutions

We know that every customer has unique requirements and hence every machine is intricately designed to ensure the best performance.

Energy savings

Our intelligent monitoring system ensures smart control of your compressor thereby saving energy and costs.

Capable of dealing with wide range of industrial gases

With decades of experience in the oil free technology, Chicago Pneumatic compressors can handle a wide variety of gases and gas mixtures and can be tailored to the specific requirements of your processes.

  • Methane 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Carbon dioxide

Industries and Applications

Service for CNG machines

Unparalleled Service  

With our factory trained technical experts, Chicago Pneumatic offers complete aftermarket support ensuring high up time of your compressors and keeping up your desired productivity.


Our well-knit passionate dealer network across India is an asset, focused to meet the customers' expectations and assuring machine durability and longer production hours .