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ClearAIR | Oil Free Piston Compressor - Chicago Pneumatic

A 100% Oil Free Piston Compressor that produce compressed air at the highest quality for dental and other medical needs where hygiene and clean air is a must

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Oil-Free, Hygienic, Dry air

- 100% Oil-Free air guaranteed. - Dry air down to 40° C dew point. - No filteration system required to remove residual oil throughout the compressed air network.

Quiet Operation

- Quiet operation for standard, open units. - Acoustic canopy can be selected as an option to ensure extra silent operation.

Ultimate quality and reliability

- Highest quality materials, with a minimal number of moving parts ensuring a long operating life with minimal service interventions. - No need for oil chnage and costs related to oil waste management. - Internally coated vessals ensur no corrosion and extend lifetime.