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CPM Screw Compressors

Quite, complete & compact design made to fit in 1m² of space. Engineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability the CPM screw air compressor series can meet the compressed air demands of a tire shop, maintenance shop, vehicle body shop, paint shop or automotive dealership.

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Compact Dimensions

Ideal for tire shops, maintenance shops, vehicle body or paint shops and automotive dealerships, the CPM can offer you a complete unit (with dryer and 200L receiver) on just 1m². You can fit it easily to any free space without trouble.

Quiet Operation

Generously sized sound insulation. With rotary screw technology the CPM compressor creates low noise without disturbing the working environment. Thus the CPM compressor can ideally be placed at most of the workplaces without any disturbance.

More output and less energy consumption

When compared to piston compressors, the exceptional efficiency of the CPM and the high output of the package ensure reduced power consumption, maximized output (capacity) and low cost per CFM produced.

Go for a complete solution

✔On itself the unit is a compact and complete solution with a very small footprint. ✔Save even more space and money with a tank-mounted installation including a dryer and filters. ✔A complete solution not only saves installation costs, but also reduces the risk of air leakages in the compressor room.