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Introducing the new Leap in Energy efficiency

Save upto 45% Energy costs with the ground breaking technology of iPM compressors

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Did you know that you could save upto 45% energy costs in your Air compressor?

With the new Leap in Energy Efficiency- iPM technology in screw compressors

Chicago Pneumatics' new leap in Energy Efficiency with Innovative iPM technology in screw compressors.

Launching  our all new series of CPMV & CPVS PM screw compressors which is maintenance-free and energy saving ensuring lower total cost of ownership

Why choose CP iPM motor compressors?

The All new iPM motor series compressor was designed to deliver a complete One stop solution for all your efficient compressed air needs, offering...




In-house designed iPM motor

IE4 Super Premium Efficiency (96% – 97%) - Direct drive configuration for enhanced savings

Sturdy Element Design & Drive Train

Oil cooled drive train for durable & stable commissioning usage.

Usage Friendly Design

Compact layout saving installation space with Intelligent Controller

Premium performance

Best-in-Class Inverter with integrated control, ensuring Minimum transmission loss

Compact design

Quick access for regular service while also ensuring you are saving on installation space

Reduced energy costs

Reduces energy costs up to 45% in variable demand applications

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