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Air Nitrogen Boosters

Air nitrogen boosters offer numerous benefits for their intended applications. Chicago Pneumatic has air and nitrogen boosters to meet your needs.

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Our booster offer

With a range of medium- and high-pressure models to choose from, you will be sure to find a CP booster that meets your needs:

What Is an Air Compressor Booster?

An air compressor booster produces medium- to high-pressure air in applications like laser cutting, stress testing and plastic molding. The booster is an extension of an air compressor and is also one in itself. It works by boosting already compressed air from a low bar to a higher bar.

For example, a standard air compressor compresses atmospheric air to a pressure of about 30 bar. The booster maximizes this compressed air by boosting it to a pressure of 300 bar or higher. The pistons in piston compressors optimally execute the compression function for increased efficiency.

Why Do I Need a Compressed Air Pressure Booster?

A booster adds value by saving you time and money long-term. Here's why you should consider investing in one. 

  • Boosters are ideal for use as a backup compressor.
  • A booster can handle peak demand in compressed air or industrial gas. 

They are useful if your compressed air or industrial gas application requires medium- or high-pressure air.

Benefits of a Booster

High-pressure booster compressors benefit businesses by optimizing performance and efficiency through working with standard air compressors. They can also perform independently. To generate air or gas with a higher pressure, you can use a high-pressure compressor or a pneumatic amplifier or increase the pressure in your central compressed air network. Adding a booster to your standard air system is the most energy-efficient option. 

More benefits of boosters include the following:

  • Optimized work: Using the booster along with the air compressor yields optimal results. While the booster works to compress the air, the standard compressor is applied in other on-site applications.
  • Easy operation: Boosters operate quietly and provide high efficiency and reliability. They have no cool-down periods, letting your business continue uninterrupted.
  • Versatility: Booster compressors are versatile. You can use them for high-pressure gas distribution and managing peak consumption or as a backup unit. Plus, choosing between a 40- or 300-bar booster provides the flexibility you need in your business. 
  • Fitting application needs: The booster produces the necessary pressure for applications with specific bar requirements, ranging between medium and high pressure.

Do I Need a 40-Bar or 300-Bar Air Compressor Booster?

Which booster bar variant you select will depend on what you need the unit for. Medium-pressure 40-bar boosters are optimal for applications like stress testing, PET blowing and industrial power generation in the glass, metallurgy, cable and electronics industries. 

High-pressure 300-bar boosters are preferably used in applications like laser cutting and pressure testing, where the demand for high-pressure air and gas remains constant and often peaks at times. 

The primary purposes of these units are depicted below:

  • 40-bar boosters: They produce recompressed gas or air when needed for applications with a steady demand.
  • 300-bar boosters: These boosters can refill high-pressure bottles to help when demand hits its peak. This ability is critical in applications requiring constant high-pressure air and gas.


Purchase Air and Nitrogen Boosters From Chicago Pneumatic

Boosters are an excellent investment if you want to maximize productivity and efficiency. Their numerous benefits prove why you should get one, including their main function of working with standard air compressors to drive better results.

Choose one of our booster options based on your requirements. Call or contact us online to place your order today.