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Oil-Free Dry Screw Compressors

Oil-free rotary compressors indeed offer several benefits in terms of sustainability, reliability, and performance, while also minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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Icons_Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Reduced Environmental Impact

As the name suggests, oil-free compressors eliminate the need for lubricating oil in the compression process. This reduces the risk of oil contamination in the air and surrounding environment.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Oil-free compressors are often preferred in applications where strict environmental regulations are in place, as they help prevent the release of oil into the air.



Reduced Maintenance Requirements

Without the need for oil lubrication, the maintenance requirements are generally lower compared to oil-lubricated compressors. This can result in increased reliability and less downtime.

Cleaner Air

Oil-free compressors provide a cleaner compressed air stream, reducing the chances of damage to pneumatic equipment and ensuring consistent performance.



Consistent Air Quality

Oil-free compressors deliver high-quality compressed air without the risk of oil contamination. This is crucial in applications where clean and oil-free air is a requirement, such as in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


These compressors are designed for efficiency, providing a reliable source of compressed air for various industrial applications.

Icons_Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Lower Operating Costs

While the initial cost of oil-free compressors may be higher, the lower maintenance requirements and reduced energy consumption often contribute to lower operating costs over the life of the compressor.

Longer Equipment Life

The absence of oil in the compression process can contribute to longer equipment life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Icons_Harsh Environment

Harsh Environment Performance:

Durable Construction

Oil-free compressors are often built with robust materials and construction, allowing them to withstand challenging environmental conditions.


These compressors are designed to perform in a variety of environments, including harsh conditions, making them suitable for a range of industrial applications.


Air quality CLASS 0 certification,
ISO8573-1 Oil-Free
Exclusive Inverter Design
Efficient & Reliable Low cost of ownership
Maximize your system performance Integrated direct-driven oil pump
Networking & remote monitoring Reliability you can count on


By emphasizing these features, manufacturers and users of oil-free rotary compressors aim to provide a reliable and sustainable solution that meets the demands of modern industry while minimizing the overall cost of ownership. It's important for businesses to consider their specific requirements and operational conditions when choosing a compressor system to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

In summary, oil-free rotary compressors offer a reliable and sustainable solution for industries that require high-quality compressed air without the risk of oil contamination. While the upfront costs may be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of performance, reliability, and reduced environmental impact can make them a cost-effective choice over time.


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