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Gear Drive Compressor

The gear driven rotary screw air compressors with new product dimension comes with gear drive technology for energy efficient production. The gear driven transmission maximizes machine output for the given pressure and power. The series range from 100 HP- 480 HP.

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Lower running cost

Only uses energy for air production; no wastage of energy on unload

Frequency converter

Built in frequency converter to perfectly match the varying air demand and supply

Pressure band

Regulates pressure within 0.1 bar

Constant power factor

Machine maintains high power factor even with reduced loads

Environment friendly

Reduced carbon-di-oxide emissions in turn saving environment

Electromagnetic compatibility

No interference with near by equipments

Smart controller

Graphic controller with advanced features

No unloading power

Eliminates unloading power to almost 0% ensuring energy savings

Profitable investment

Saves upto 30% power ensuring early payback